Two new bells for Aurdal church in Norway


The Parish Church of Aurdal comissioned Ars Campana to produce two new bells for the Parish Church, which were donated by members of the Parish.

The church got two bells already :

The largest bell in Bb (Bb1,Sib3,Bb4) from 1752 (cast by Jan Derck in the Netherlands) and a C Bell (C2,Do4,C5) from 1926, cast by Ohlsen Nauen (replacing a broken bell from 1834.

The new bells will be in Eb (Eb2,Mib4,Eb5) and G (G2,Sol4,Eb5), the shapes designed by J.Hoffmann of Ars Campana, produced by Emanuele Allanconi of Fonderia Allanconi.

The project is supervised by Henning Anderson from Aurdal.