Nelson Mandelas 100 årsdag

Nelson Mandela

At the request of the Belgian embassy of South Africa, the Walloon (ACW) and the Flemish (VBV) carillon association will take part at the worldwide commemoration for the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, on Wednesday 18 July 2018. 

Carillonist Carl Van Eyndhoven will perform a concert on that day at 11 AM in Brussels with some South African songs, in the presence of many official guests.

We invite all carillonists worldwide to join, and to play on your carillon some South African songs, on July 18 2018 at noon, or any other day during that week. In a few days, we will publish the carillon arrangements of these songs on the homepage of

If you participate, please send a mail to the embassy of your country (see list), in cc to the Belgian embassy of South Africa  ( with the message that you will participate, specifying the date and time you will play. The embassy will publish this list in their press releases.

Warm regards,

Serge Joris, president ACW

Koen Van Assche, president VBV